Fresh, organic products and products excellence and compliance with global quality standards. In order to offer the consumer a fresh and health security product.



We offer 3 products 100% Mexican, recognized worldwide for its taste and quality.

Who are we?

Grevent was founded with a background of 20 years of experience in the trading field. It was founded with the concern of the Mexican soil and the fair trade. We work with our fresh and organic fruit , providing to our clients professional advice for their positioning in local and international markets. Our work also focuses on developing sustainable economic models through win-win business strategy.

What do we offer?

Grevent assures experience in the working field, global grower base and progressive marketing force through the fulfillment of a legal framework and compliance with international standards.  All of which will assist you in sourcing and engaging with the best suited prospects for doing business with you.


Our mission is to position ourselves as a leading trade company by offering our clients fresh, organic and processed products complying with international standards, offering our clients freshness and the best quality at every moment.


Being a competitive international company , recognized for its level of production and quality in various perishable and organic products.


We would be very pleased to answer further information, price, purchase, etc.